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Sophia Bishop

 Sophia Bishop – Founder

Gourmet Herbal Tea with A Motivating Message

MoTEAvation Teas, is a line of delicious all natural, organic luxury teas, offering both single flavours as well as unique blends. Each sachet features a thought provoking comment, statement or quote that encourages personal reflection and/or conversation.

Website: https://moteavation.ca/

Phone: 1 833 – 466-MOTIV8 (8488) 

Please help us with our fundraiser by visiting the link below.  Monies raised will go towards our Scholarship fund.

Click here: https://moteavation.ca and click on BouTEAqueto review your many choices!  

Use our special code at time of check out:      Congress W/O

Fundraising Flyer can be downloaded HERE


The Christmas Fundraising Flyer can be downloaded here for sharing.